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Tantra is an intentional practice of becoming the best lover: for yourself and the other. A form of conscious, slow lovemaking. A beautiful way to explore intimacy and sex together. 

Tantra encourages slow and gentle movements, allowing you to experience the pleasure of your own body and the other’s more deeply. Feeling more pleasure, for longer. 
With tantric practices you can consciously bring yourself into a state of bliss. 
Tantra offers many practices to deepen the connection between two partners, allowing them to explore and expand their intimacy and sexual experience. 

In this Tantric Experience we’ll show you the tantric way. We take time to truly explore and appreciate each other and create a deeper way of experiencing sex that can be felt long after the date. 

What is Tantra?

Tantra is not, as many people think, solely focused on sex. Tantra is an ancient practice of Hindu and Buddhist tradition, aiming to embrace all of life and all that we are. And that includes fully embracing our sexual selves, too. 

Translated from Sanskrit, tantra literally means “weaving,” which in this sense means the weaving of aliveness and consciousness, bringing oneness to yourself and consciousness to what you do. 

Feeling more pleasure, for longer.

Our rates

Indivual date

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Prices (incl VAT):

2 hours: 650,-  

3 hours: 950,-  

4 hours: 1200,- 

5 hours: 1400,- 

6 hours: 1600,- 

8 hours: 1900,- 

10 hours: 2100,- 

12 hours: 2300,- 

16 hours: 2600,-

24 hours: 3000,-

Additional days: 1600,- per day

1 week: 12000,- 


Oral without condom: 150,- 

2nd gentleman present: 150,-/hr

Not available: anal, bare.

Meeting one on one creates space to dive deep together. We love the magic that can happen between two people! 

Twin date

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Prices (incl VAT):

2 hours: 1950,- 

3 hours: 2800,- 

4 hours: 3500,- 

5 hours: 4200,-  

6 hours: 4800,- 

8 hours: 5800,- 

10 hours: 6500,- 

12 hours: 7000,- 

16 hours: 7500,- 

24 hours: 8000,- 

Additional days: 4000,- per day 

1 week: 28000,-


Oral without condom: 300,- 

2nd gentleman present: 300,-/hr

Not available: anal, bare. 

We offer something vulnerable and unique as twin sisters. We want to be with people who respect and empower us, and we will give it back in threefold with much love and care.

Let’s live out the ultimate fantasy!


It is also always possible to create your own package. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


We invite you to indulge in a luxurious and private experience with us. To ensure the highest level of comfort and discretion, we suggest that you find a suitable and relaxing space of your own where we can both feel comfortable and secure.

Reach out to us if you want advice on a location or to have this arranged for you, we know some sweet places to spend time together.

Traveling expenses and location costs are for you to cover (we are Amsterdam based).

For those wishing to meet with us at a place outside of Amsterdam or surrounding areas, please be aware that travel costs and travel time will be accounted for. We are more than happy to come to any place you desire, and kindly ask that you cover the expense.