Amazing experiences

With Twins of Amsterdam we offer… a lot. Quality, uniqueness, expertise, connection. As individuals and as twin sisters. Our vision and personality invite true connection, joyful explorations and intimacy. Both of us having professional expertise in the field of tantra and BDSM is immensely valuable and enriches every intimate encounter. 

And of course, being able to fulfill the twin fantasy as high class escorts is something truly unique (and so much fun!). We believe you will find  something truly special with us, but we encourage you to find out for yourself and make up your own mind ;)

“We offer something vulnerable and unique as twin sisters. We want to be with people who respect and empower us, and we will give it back in threefold with much love and care.”

What do you like?

Below you will find information on our Girlfriend Experience and other packages that you can choose from. And feel invited to create your own package.
Either with the both of us or individually… We can’t wait to meet you!


Girlfriend experience

Authentic intimacy, we go for the real “click” with joy and excitement

Kinky Pleasure

Life is too short to not go kinky. Surrender to your Lady, explore favorite toys, play that sexy roleplay.

Take me out, baby

Treat yourself to romance, luxurious dinner, entertainment.

Amsterdam Experience

Amsterdam, the city we love. As born Amsterdammers we’d love to show you around.

Tantric experience

Conscious slow lovemaking, unlocking full sexual potential.

Holiday Experience

Let’s make your favorite place on Earth even more special, or find a new one together.

Also possible: Companionship Only

Romance is a beautiful experience, a tender and intimate discovery of one another. Savor a sweet intimate connection.


We invite you to indulge in a luxurious and private experience with us. To ensure the highest level of comfort and discretion, we suggest that you find a suitable and relaxing space of your own where we can both feel comfortable and secure.

Reach out to us if you want advice on a location or to have this arranged for you, we know some sweet places to spend time together.

Traveling expenses and location costs are for you to cover (we are Amsterdam based).

For those wishing to meet with us at a place outside of Amsterdam or surrounding areas, please be aware that travel costs and travel time will be accounted for. We are more than happy to come to any place you desire, and kindly ask that you cover the expense.

It is also always possible to create your own package. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Our reviews

“You are both such wonderful people, it’s insane that there are two of you. After our third meeting I’m still surprised by all you offer. Every bit of my time spent with you has been more than worth it, moments and lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life .”

Our reviews

“Joya and Sima are amazing. Fun, sexy, awesome and I’ll definitely book them again.”

“You two are my highlight every time I visit Amsterdam.”

Our reviews

“Had a lovely date with Joya, which made me want to go on a second date together, and a third… I have not met Sima yet but that day will come for sure.”

Our reviews

“My fantasies have become reality. Thank you girls!”

“Thank you Lady Sima for letting me be your humble sub.”

Our reviews

“I wanted to get to know one of them first and then meet with the both of them. Sima was amazing, which made me super curious to meet Joya as well. I can only speak lovingly about them. Personal, warm, funny… they exceeded my expectations and keep doing so.”