Our vision: twins, intimacy, life

We are identical twins, and have an amazing bond together. Everything we do is from the heart. We love sharing intimate moments with others. As individuals, and as twins.  

We want to share beautiful moments with others. We want to make the world brighter and more playful. A place where you can explore, where you can be vulnerable and be held, speak your desires and be celebrated for it. 

We value trust, consent, respecting each other’s boundaries. And from there have fun, and realize again and again how beautiful we can connect together, and how healing and empowering that can be.

Life is good with the right people. Let’s enjoy it together!

“We love our life as high class escorts. We share and enjoy everything together, why not the intimate moments too?”

We are Joya and Sima

Twin sisters and partners for life.
Passionate, playful, caring and super open-minded. 

We have a desire to connect intimately. Slow, intimate, loving. Playful, kinky, experimental. And anything in between… We have a wide interest as long as it is done in a loving and conscious way.

We believe that sex and pleasure should be a positive and connected experience for everyone involved, and we approach each date with that in mind. 

Our passion lies with intimacy, tantra and kink. We have been exploring the realms of tantra and BDSM and are eager to share this consciously in our dates, bringing our knowledge and loving energy to the bedroom. 

As high class escorts, tantric lovers and BDSM enthusiasts we believe we can create amazing experiences for anyone who is open to it. 


We can’t wait to meet you!


With love

Joya & Sima, Twins of Amsterdam

“We love going on dates individually and together as twins.”

Meet Joya

Education: Psychology at University of Amsterdam (UvA), Midwifery

Meet Sima

Education: International Development Studies at Wageningen University

Listen to Sima

Languages: Dutch and English

Posture: Slim, fit, petite 


As it often goes with identical twins, we share a lot of interests. Things that warm our heart are a nice hot bath or sauna, walking in nature, hot yoga, musical concerts (classical, pop, rock… in for a lot!), theater, learning guitar, having open intimate conversations, and there can never be enough touch (but really).

“Are you curious about what we have to offer?”

Our reviews

“You are both such wonderful people, it’s insane that there are two of you. After our third meeting I’m still surprised by all you offer. Every bit of my time spent with you has been more than worth it, moments and lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life .”

Our reviews

“Joya and Sima are amazing. Fun, sexy, awesome and I’ll definitely book them again.”

“You two are my highlight every time I visit Amsterdam.”

Our reviews

“Had a lovely date with Joya, which made me want to go on a second date together, and a third… I have not met Sima yet but that day will come for sure.”

Our reviews

“My fantasies have become reality. Thank you girls!”

“Thank you Lady Sima for letting me be your humble sub.”

Our reviews

“I wanted to get to know one of them first and then meet with the both of them. Sima was amazing, which made me super curious to meet Joya as well. I can only speak lovingly about them. Personal, warm, funny… they exceeded my expectations and keep doing so.”